The beast returns at Easter

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Not so long ago, at the end of the time I spent in Leeds, I was asked when I would be returning to London. When I mentioned my date of return, the person I was conversing with said “Ah! The beast from the east…!”. I was taken aback because I thought the snow had done its worst and we could look forward to weather conditions worthy of spring. As it turned out, there was light snowing in Leeds on the morning that I left, but it wasn’t comparable to what I found when I arrived back home. The snow had settled yet again.

The weather forecasts say it’s likely there will be snow over the Easter weekend. On reflection with friends, we realised that there was snow in London around this time of the year around five years ago, but there seems to be something different about the changeable climate conditions of the current moment.

Is it because the temperatures have been lower on a regular basis than anything we can remember? And what impact did the unfortunate events of Chernobyl in the mid 1980s have on the climate we’re seeing and feeling at present?

It’s interesting that the nuclear emissions disaster is not mentioned in connection with “The beast from the east”, but I wonder if we’re still dealing with by products of that mishap.

Are we marching towards progress as a species? Or slipping and sliding towards perdition?