The best choice

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Caught in the thickets of creating a new piece of work, there have been many times when I have paused for breath and wondered whether or not I’ve made an appropriate choice to commit to a particular course of action. Hardly anyone gets to see those moments of reflection and self assessment. Occasionally, this happens in a collaborative process. There are other times when it is simply part of a personal journey, to get the emotional work done. Communicating with symbols doesn’t get any easier with the passing of time.

The wisest thing to do is to speak one’s truth. For better or worse, this is the reason why we aim to communicate. The building blocks of meaning are part of what we learn through education and mimicking others, but there isn’t much a point in seeking to be watched or listened to, unless if one is prepared to be honest.

It is easier said than done however, since we are taught by experiences that being diplomatic, tactful and following other similar impulses is somehow more mature or sophisticated than telling things as they really are.

Concerns about using fashionable terminology, signs or signals to ensure that one is communicating effectively can also get in the way.

Are we are most likely to function at optimum levels if we focus on being natural?