The call of destiny

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A clairvoyant once spoke to me about destiny. She said there were events that are definitely preordained to happen. I understood what she was saying on a surface level, but nothing beats the experience of knowing something as it happens in real time.

When I started creating music theatre pieces many years ago, I was advised by my singing teacher of the time to join an opera group. The first rehearsal I attended left me feeling disorientated, because I hadn’t grown up in circles where the genre was an integral part of the culture.

I went back to my singing teacher and complained about the experience, but even though I had stepped outside of my comfort zone on that occasion, something kept me engaged with the art form for many years afterwards. I was lucky to have a friend who bought me many tickets to see world class productions in the major London opera houses.  I also met people who cast me to sing principal roles in many pieces from the standard repertoire.

This year I attended a production of one of the most popular and revered pieces in the canon. I could appreciate the talents and skills of the artists onstage, but I felt I had learnt the lessons I was supposed to learn from mainstream opera practitioners. I wanted to see and hear something different on the stage, even if it was somehow connected to the same art form.

I have read in the past about writers who felt they needed to tell their own stories after reading many classic works. These people went on to create new art that was influenced by the books they read. I feel like I’ve reached a similar point with lyric theatre. Was this destined to happen? Who knows?