The drill for daydreamers

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According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – a methodology which is used to assess personality traits, there are Intuitives and Sensors. The Intuitives could be broadly regarded as daydreamers, because they go into situations and see the potential for growth and development. The Sensors are more likely to assess what they see at any given moment as all that matters.

Even though the MBTI is well known and widely used in many fields of work, there are some psychologists who are not convinced that personalities should be assessed and assigned into categories of this sort.

There is no doubt however, that there are some folks who are willing to commit themselves to involvement in situations, based on what they visualize for the future, while there are others who are only prepared to operate from comfort zones that they can see right in front of them.

Is it possible to be an artist and not have character traits that fall within the boundaries of being primarily intuitive? In my travels, I have met folks who jettisoned their trainings as scientists, engineers, mathematicians, etc to follow their hearts’ desires and become artists. Many of them never get to understand the drill of an artist’s life and eventually they find ways of moving back towards certainties.

Meanwhile, the artists keep on lurching from one precarious situation to another. Many of us can’t help it. We’re caught up in our daydreams.

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