The fake news blues

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In this season of “fake news”, it is difficult to ascertain the times when information is genuine. Efforts are seemingly invested in concocting misleading content that can be widely circulated via Whatsapp and other media platforms. Unfortunately, this sort of energy use is creating situations where is almost wasteful to express political ideas with pure intentions.

Does this mean that artists should avoid dealing with themes that are somehow linked to altruistic motives? Hopefully not, but it does mean that our jobs have become more demanding of precision and we need to be more aware than ever of the context in which we express our thoughts and feelings.

I’m not familiar with the output of the artist who described slavery as “a choice”, but I saw a clip of him being interviewed by a well known television presenter, in which he was invited to defend certain political views that he chose to make public. He made some useful points in a broad brush strokes manner, about retaining the right to express his vision as an individual. I agree with him in this regard.

The canny television presenter managed to talk this artist into a booby trap, based on other public statements the same artist had made in the era of Hurricane Katrina, that didn’t seem to be consistent with his current stance. The quandary the artist found himself in made interesting television viewing and it was also circulated in a similar way to most nuggets of information nowadays.

Will there ever be a time in the future when each of us can simply speak from the heart?


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