The ‘fasten your seat belts’ season.

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The lock down season was abruptly introduced. Some might want to apportion blame for the process, but it was necessary at the time.

The current drive to get people out and about, doing business and spending money could have been introduced more smoothly however.

Decision makers might want to defend the bumpy feeling of the journey back into ‘business as usual’, but bearing in mind that it is behavioural science that they seem to have been adhering to most of all, the experience makes one wonder how much respect they have for individual citizens.

The pandemic is a force of nature. No one knew it was coming and that is fair enough. It is also unfortunate that the calibre of career politicians in recent times appears to be so low. Voters didn’t really have a decent range of choices in the last UK general election.

Now we have to live with the consequences of this parlous state of affairs. Obviously there are a few exceptions in the current government, but they only serve to prove the rule.