The green screen

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It might have been Shakespeare who described envy as ‘the green eyed monster’ through one of his many characters. There is no doubt that this emotion can be a powerful motivating force.

On a basic level, it is easy to miss the difference between having a competitive urge or streak, and behaviour that aims to diminish the effectiveness or success of other people’s efforts.

Most of us learn as children that life isn’t fair. Accepting this fact is not always easy, but it does help if each person is encouraged to focus primarily on personal growth.

For better or worse, we are currently living in times when there are many glaring examples of some of our fellow humans failing to cope with the niceties of self regulation.

It doesn’t matter how high faluting or convoluted the terms of engagement are, the green eyed monster is allowed to show up too often in public discourse nowadays. Impressionable minds see these things happening and absorb the information. Does this bode well for the future?