The image thing

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A congruent combination of sound and look adds up to make an effective image. This is a mantra that meant a lot to me and many of my contemporaries in the past. It is a time honoured formula that has been used by those who want to sell a product or get a message out to large numbers of people.

Images of this sort can be concocted and presented, but it is hard work to keep them going, especially when human beings are involved in the proposed transactions.

Is it possible that people might get used to accepting the truth, if so many of us give up on the idea of contriving things to make others feel comfortable?

After the era of spin doctors and focus groups in politics, “authenticity” became a new buzz word. In quite a few cases, the folks who benefitted from this trend were still involved in artfully presenting facades, that many were unaware of.

In more extreme instances, the image makers simply capitalised on the gross antics of characters with borderline levels of precarious mental health and presented them as “genuine”. We are still dealing with the outcome of this trend, but this too shall pass.