The knowledge chain

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A psychic medium once told me I was doing too much digging. Searching for something (knowledge, presumably). Apparently everything I needed to fulfill my potential was already at available, at my disposal. I accepted the message at the time, but it takes a while to wean one’s self off habits, for better or worse.

Perhaps I got distracted when I decided to open my mind up to new possibilities in learning. I trusted my teachers. In most cases, I knew they meant well for me, but when I look back on the process now, I can see that I knew my calling better than any of them.

Do I regret the amount of time and energy that I expended on the extraneous digging? I don’t, because I know that knowledge is power and there are bound to be moments when my experiences will kick in and give me support in making choices on my creative journey.

Is it possible that the digging for information is only one form of learning, whilst practical application of one’s knowledge can only set one off on another path of discovery?

In some ways, I feel like I’m back at square one in creative terms. There is still so much to learn about the process of selection in making symbols and presenting them. This is an exciting, but scary position to be in.