The last laugh

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Someone is having a laugh somewhere. Folks are coerced into sharing identities when they don’t feel they are connected to each other. Lip service is constantly paid to the idea of having a common purpose, when it is patently obvious that such a dream or promise doesn’t really exist.

Then the majority of folks who don’t really have a say in the matter have to bear the brunt of being led by dubious characters with myopic visions. It feels like a perfect premise for a weird magical realist novel. Maybe this is one of the reasons why authors who are regarded as purveyors of work within that genre tend to originate from parts of the world where these problems are prevalent.

Time and time again, people caught up in situations of this sort are told that they shouldn’t continue blaming those who created the messy national boundary arrangements, but the fact still remains that many nations that struggle with development were carved out by others who sat around some tables in the late 19th century, carving up whole continents for sustained exploitation.

Looking back through the annals of the history of people of my own heritage, there are some key figures – regarded now as illustrious ancestors, who were willing to maintain the current status quo. The motives of these privileged and expensively educated functionaries remain mysterious to many of us who have to live with the consequences of their thoughts and actions.

It has been suggested that they were probably paid handsomely behind the scenes for their efforts. Is it possible that the person on the street will eventually see things for what they are? And what shall happen then?