The need for attention

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I’m sparing a thought today for the people who were inspired by the energy generated by an American film maker, when he opened for business back in the day. This person came from a family of artists, so he understood the basic principles behind following one’s calling. After the initial moment of focused attention, he kept on doing the same thing, even if he was no longer regarded as the new kid on the block, with all the exciting ideas.

What happened to those who followed his example? In several cases, they  devoted years to studying the craft of film making in prestigious institutions, but along the way, they ran into obstacles, due to their misunderstanding of what it entails to commit to the life of an artist.

When stories are told about artists who make remarkable work, from the outside it can seem like their lives are incredibly glamorous. In actual fact, they probably live through humdrum moments like everyone else. They just happen to be in the business of making things that appear to be striking or beautiful.

Many aspiring artists get on to the bandwagon, looking for fame and glamour, only to find that they haven’t done the inner reflective work on themselves, needed for sustenance through difficult times on the long journey.

It was interesting to see the behaviour of man who inspired the folks I’m thinking of, when he received recognition at a major awards ceremony not so long ago. He jumped into the arms of one of the awards presenters, who happened to be a regular participant in his projects. Just like a little boy, he found what he had been looking for all the time. When that moment passed, what was he left with? The results of living a life doing what children do, in an adult form.