The night time is the right time

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Several years ago, a politician made a public statement about a colleague, saying “there is something of the night about him”. It was widely interpreted to suggest that there was something sinister in the colleague’s way of operating. On the surface, this might seem like a reasonable way to look at things, but if one examines the thought process in more detail, one could ask why any assumptions should be made about what that description could mean.

It makes sense that things might be regarded as more visible during the day than at night time. Should this fact of life be conflated with the intentions of folks who feel comfortable with functioning after dark?

Night time can be useful for focused thinking and concentrated work. Is it really sinister to aim to be productive at a time when there are relatively few distractions?

And what about the questionable deeds performed in broad daylight? Are they somehow less dodgy, since they are more visible?

Perhaps we communicate sometimes, using the mindsets of our forebears who lived in times before the invention of electric lights. Should we cling to outmoded thought patterns?