The ongoing moment

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I have come across several messages from motivational speakers and writers about living in the present moment. I would like to trust the universe enough to commit to doing this as much as possible. The past and the future keep on intruding on my thoughts, however.

Is it really possible to not have any thoughts or feelings based on past experiences as one deals with things going on in the present? When one makes choices or decisions at any given point in time, is it sensible to not consider consequences or repercussions?

Complaints about the fact that people spend so much time capturing moments on their mobile phones are an interesting case in point. Surely those who take selfies and other photos are documenting moments as they pass by, or are they not?

What role does reflection play in facing the present? Are the terms of reference used in focused thinking based on anything other than past experiences?

Maybe it’s a good idea to allow our thoughts and feelings to wander wherever they want. If our brains are equipped to engage with time across the full spectrum, why not make good use of what we have?