The price of showing up

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The idea of putting one’s head over the parapet is a noble one, which sometimes results in a lasting reputation for the person in question. Every situation brings its own set of pros and cons and a person often needs to look closely at these, to be clear about the price of showing up, for better or worse.

From a detached perspective, individuals who dare to express controversial points of view could be seen to experience similar outcomes, regardless of the communities they belong to. In practice however, there are many cultural variations of these processes and some could be more demanding of personal sacrifices than others.

At the heart of the Judeo-Christian worldview is the image of a man who was willing to be crucified for his beliefs. Not every faith system upholds this way of seeing things. Do we all need to look more closely at the underlying values of our genetic heritages?

To be more specific, African communities have a plethora of faith systems. Theologians and scholars have documented huge swathes of information about these beliefs. Is it possible that the key to progress and development amongst peoples of African descent could be somehow linked to these ways of seeing the world?

The model of direct action and activism is valid as an approach for bringing change into being. There could be other ways of getting desired outcomes, if we choose to reflect deeply about where we’ve come from.