The rebranding process

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Rebranding is a term that was used a lot about a decade ago. It is possible that folks have new terms for describing the same activity nowadays.

Needless to say, cultures, traditions and heritages are dynamic and constantly upgrading what they are about, but it is interesting that in some cases people feel strongly about institutions that matter to them and ways that things are done, yet in others, it is alright to make choices that lead to compromises.

Many of us have more control over the choices we make than we think we have. Issues arise and each situation can be negotiated, if everyone is aware of the free will he or she has.

Is there a monolithic entity somewhere that changes irrevocably when compromises are agreed upon? A lot of energy is expended on social media platforms nowadays arguing for one side of a conundrum or another.

Institutions and organisations can do their rebranding, but human behaviour as a whole is too much of a force of nature to be decisively coerced into anything.

First published on on the 23rd of January 2020