The role of habits

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Old habits die hard. Healthy or unhealthy, they are familiar and possibly comforting. Everyone has a chance to cultivate new modes of behaviour whenever they choose to.

Effective communication is dependent on context. This is not to suggest that we should all tiptoe nimbly around drawing attention to issues that matter to us. It doesn’t even mean we must always aim to be understood when we act or express thoughts or feelings. Being present and true to ourselves is what we can aim for.

Personal journeys are unique experiences. Empathy helps to build bridges. Fulfilment, healing and growth are intangible and often tricky to envision or describe.

Sometimes, a person thinks they are escaping from behavioural patterns, but they are simply attracting or seeking out replays that are packaged with a slight difference.

Getting off the conveyor belt of sustained discomfort is a privilege available to anyone willing to make an effort.