The stillness of a star

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Ages ago, I saw a much loved star of the British screen give an intimate performance in a nightclub. I was attracted by her magnetism and star power – she wasn’t much of a singer and it wasn’t a dramatic or even comedic presentation. Maybe it was the fact that I knew her name and face from the celebrity magazines of my childhood that made the event worthwhile.

Shortly after that appearance, I learnt that the star had passed away. Something had drawn me to see her in one of her last public performances.

In recent times, her name has come up in the press, due to the travails of one of her relatives. Other than that, it almost feels as if there never was a time when her name was up in lights.

We all want to be seen and heard by some people. Perhaps we need to feel that each of our presences made a difference to the ongoing ebbing and flowing of human interaction.

Is it through being or by doing things that we achieve our aims most effectively?