The “to be or not to be” narrative

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I slept through the moment that millions of people watched yesterday, I needed a Saturday lie in. Eventually I did catch up on all the hoopla however, through the frenzy on the social media platforms. This particular subplot in the British Royal narrative was of interest to many Republicans and those of us who can take or leave that side of things. The ceremony was a great opportunity for the Establishment to make a global statement about social inclusion and the storyteller in chief on this occasion was the bridegroom, who did a chivalrous job.

The message at the heart of the sequence of events for me was an acknowledgement of our common humanity. Bearing in mind that the reins of political power in several influential nations are currently in the hands of people who have a long way to go in truly understanding and accepting this simple fact, the time, effort, energy and resources that were expended on the ritual were all worthwhile.

Traditions and customs are parts of maps or guides of ways for us to live our lives. Real life is the actual territory. Obviously some gestures can get lost in translation when they are taken out of context, as can be surmised from the less than complimentary reception that Reverend Michael Curry’s address received in some quarters. The bottom line is that there is passion in the hearts of the newly wedded couple and Reverend Curry’s contribution to the ceremony was pitch perfect in affirming this fact to all who really listened.

Perhaps one of the best things about the whole sequence of events was the absence of any politicians. I read some media comments that were quizzical about the glitzy presence of performers who happen to be celebrities, but I sense that at the end of the day they and the celebrants share a lot in common. Their usefulness to the rest of us is rooted in storytelling in one form or another.

Part of the narrative that everyone needs to understand is that it is enough to be who we all are, as individuals. In yesterday’s event, this point came across with eloquence.