The Transcendental Zone

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After being settled into a groove for a protracted length of time, it helps to sometimes venture out of one’s comfort zone to look into new ways of being, seeing, thinking, feeling and doing.

Some cultures and traditions place a lot of emphasis on giving respect and reverence to age and life experience. Others prefer to focus on celebrating youthfulness and freshness of ideas. Needless to say, there should be a happy medium where both sides of the divide can work together for the good of all involved.

Effective communication skills can make a difference in the negotiating of such arrangements. Reading in between the lines, listening to what others say and having the humility and sensitivity to acknowledge the validity of each person having a point of view can be helpful.

Dynamics shift along with the passing of time, whether a person likes it or not. Even societies that don’t encourage up and coming talents to come forward with their ideas eventually have to change, because the collective unconscious doesn’t really stand still.

Old souls know the experience of being young. There is a lot to be gained from taking into account the insights of those who have seen life. Is it possible that real magic lies in a synergy of diverse mindsets?