The truth in our lives

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Sometimes people talk of moments when their lives flash in front of their eyes. Maybe this happens when they get caught up in a harrowing experience and their bodies are clicking into “game over” mode. Flashes come in less frenzied ways to some of us, enabling us to join dots and see patterns that could help to make sense of the cards we’ve been dealt in life.

Struggles for civil rights, independence from colonialists, imperialists and similar initiatives are important in the collective memory of folks of African descent. The courageous men and women who led those movements had to shape and disseminate clear stories and messages, to achieve their desired outcomes.

Half a century later, perhaps there are other battles that need to be fought. There is probably as much diversity of culture, traditions, history and experiences amongst Black people as there is within any other racial group. Everyone should have the opportunity to tell his or her own story, because the truth lies in that complex range of experiences.

Business people want to make things as straightforward as possible for buyers. Public tellers of stories want to speak their truths, regardless of their chosen art form or genre. Many of us do not fit snugly into the silos that the wider culture is aware of, so some of us decide to function from more personal spaces

Fads and trends come and go. Fashion followers have their fun and move on. The truth prevails in its timelessness.