The wild child inside

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When Lou Reed vocalised about taking “a walk on the wild side”, the world was an innocent place compared to what it is today. Flirtation with the blurring of categories and boundaries was seen to be daring in those days. Some folks were destined to be adventurous in that sort of way for a limited amount of time and many of us are aware of the casualties of the experiments of that era. Interestingly enough however, even the likes of Lou Reed himself survived to an old age compared to many. Things have been different for subsequent generations.

The sad stories of relatively young public figures that have passed away in recent years after leading supposedly glamorous lives should probably serve as cautionary examples in the popular culture. It makes one wonder about what could regarded as useful ways of “pushing the boat out” in this day and age.

It is odd to observe elements of the culture that could be regarded as conservative appearing to be the ones that take the most chances, especially in the way that the internet has been subverted to lead many things astray. Are the potential pitfalls of taking risks more dangerous nowadays than they used to be?

Perhaps the terms of reference ought to be reassessed. Discovery, ambition and an adventurous spirit are useful things to have. What do we need to discover now that hasn’t been looked at already?

Does the answer lie within? There must be a great deal of uncharted territory in each of our souls. Sometimes, many of us look for distractions because we don’t really want to deal with what’s going on inside.  One’s own psyche could be the most riveting wild frontier to explore.