The wrong kind of snow

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I accept that snow is natural – a fact of life. Great fun for kids who want to build snowmen, or for folks into fancy sports such as skiing, but a damned nuisance for those of us who just want to get on with our lives, especially when it falls and settles at unexpected moments.

Many believe that seasonal weather conditions are morphing later than usual, due to the effects of climate change. I’m not sure what to think, but I wonder if we are exacerbating the situation by using more power than we have done in recent times to heat our homes.

Dressing up for going out in the snow is fine from my point of view, except for the footwear. I don’t like the idea of not feeling grounded when I’m walking on the streets. Motorists are also under a weird sort of pressure to avoid skidding or sliding into accidents. Why would anyone regard this as an enjoyable way to spend one’s time?

I appreciate the fact that some communities live with snow as a regular feature in their lives. They must have incorporated it into their day to day plans, so it isn’t a big deal for them.

It doesn’t snow frequently enough in London for Londoners to get used to taking things in their stride when it comes along. If I had to choose between looking out of my window to see a pretty snow tinted picture in the garden and having freedom of movement to go where I want whenever I want, it would be a no brainer.