This charming man

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He’s probably enjoying his retirement now, but I remember a man with a crumpled face who used to make things complicated for my colleagues and me when we were music students, years ago.

This guy was acting within his rights when he kept score of the fact that some of us were performing in public, without getting the school’s permission. It was part of his job description to ensure that everyone toed the line according to the school’s rules and regulations.

A little bird told me that one of my colleagues was being considered for expulsion by the school. I passed the message on, so he was able to assess his position and take appropriate measures. Who was behind the drive to get him expelled?

Maybe we were simply fishes out of water that probably shouldn’t have been in the school in the first place, but I find it difficult to rule out the feeling that we were being scrutinised and picked on for being physically and culturally different.

I bear no grudges or malice towards the man with the crumpled face. One can only feel compassion and pity for people who are triggered into bullying actions, based on a form of race consciousness. The world is big enough to accommodate all of us (at present).