Those humdrum moments

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How does one manage those moments in between the highs and lows? Wouldn’t it be helpful if there were more musings or reflections from thought leaders about the fair to middling patches in life?

After experiencing what it feels like to fill those times with activities, just for the sake of doing something, it becomes clear that one cannot escape from the discomfort of knowing that there is only so much anyone can do to create the optimum atmosphere that he or she might imagine.

Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, there are places one can visit to get a sense of perspective. Eventually, it becomes clear that even self help or improvement needs to be handled with care, to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by the range of tasks available to set in motion.

Who would have thought it takes a special skill to sit alone quietly with one’s thoughts? It seems like a simple thing to do.

Locations can change, company can be varied, but the buck stops with our feelings.