Time and cutting loose

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What does making the most of time feel like? After living in the same neck of the woods for several decades, it becomes clear that daily habits can make all the difference to the direction a life can take.

The joys of being spontaneous are useful to experience. A lot can also be said for discipline. Time has a funny way of creeping up. A person suddenly realises that many things don’t count for as much as they once might have appeared to do.

How does it feel to find one’s self in a later stage of life, going through the same motions that seemed to be right on in one’s youth? Is there a stimulus for growth in that way of being?

We meet each other and learn about shared beliefs and interests. In a few cases we manage to remain together as we deal with the curve balls life throws at us. In many others, we simply accept that our paths crossed at particular points in time and we move on.

With any luck, we get opportunities to reunite and evaluate the choices made. In those moments, perhaps it is most important to celebrate the fact that we still have time for one another.