Time for action

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In my neck of the woods, this is usually a time of year for hibernating. This time around feels different somehow. It’s as if the universe is asking folks to engage with each other more than usual. There are so many unsettling events happening at the same time, maintaining vigilance and awareness of what’s going on for people outside of our comfort zones feels like the best way to function.

How does one do this whilst remaining in touch with one’s centre? This is obviously a delicate balancing act. The weather is not letting us off the hook. With the sun shining the way it is at present and spring seeming to arrive prematurely, it doesn’t make sense to slump into a blue mood.

So this is a time for rigorous thoughts and actions. Honing one’s negotiating skills, and knowing how to seize the initiative in situations. Demanding challenges are waiting to be solved. Struggles simply cannot be avoided.

Receiving a mixture of optimistic and pessimistic signs and signals can be disorientating, but these are the breaks that providence has produced and many of us must work our ways through them.

The call of destiny doesn’t seem to take any prisoners.