Time for resolutions

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As a new year approaches, it is probably time to think about resolutions. It is also a good time to reflect about things that worked well in the year drawing to a close and the areas that need revamping or improvement. When a life finds a groove or momentum that seems to work for a long time, it can be demanding to have to apply one’s thoughts to searching for ways and means to reinvent one’s lifestyle.

I had a conversation once with someone who compared the process of taking risks in life to the way that Tarzan appeared to move from place to place in the old movies, grabbing creeper after creeper to surge forward. There is always the risk that a creeper could break, or the traveller could miss one as he or she moves forward, but that is part of the deal.

What does one aim to do, if one is already disciplined about most things in life? A colleague hugged me a few days ago and said “enjoy, because we only have this one chance to live our lives”. I agree with the subtext of what she said to me, but I’m still not sure about the idea of us having only one chance. I have spent time with Spiritualists and I’m convinced that our souls still have lives when they depart from the earth plane.

When I think of areas of my life that I would like to improve, one of them is to be more original in my creative output. I don’t have regrets about drawing inspiration from other sources, but I feel very numb when I hear, see or get involved in situations where the expression is obviously derivative.

In actual fact, most of my creative output this year feels like it came from a source that I cannot describe, so I guess I would like to surge forward into the New Year, feeling that I am deepening my connection with that source.