To be real

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Popular songs often refer to openness in the way that folks relate to each other. “Keeping it real” or “being real” are alluded to as exemplary ways to present one’s self. In many cases, these ideas are expressed by performers who have assumed personas, so the communication becomes ambiguous.

Role playing does have a useful place in many people’s lives. There are moments when events can be moved in suitable directions, because someone has chosen to wear a mask of one sort or another.

Being genuine and willing to share vulnerable feelings with others can go against the grain of the ways we are brought up. Letting go of the hang ups that we take on as a result of this can sometimes be challenging.

When our masks drop and each of us is seen as we truly are, we learn the truth. In many cases we are surprised to find that we can find valuable support as a result.

Babies and small children are usually genuine. Why do we spend so much of our lives moving away from that purity, only to discover that we need to go back to the same place?