Too late to recreate

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Are the news stories true about packed tube trains over the last few days? I have no idea, as I haven’t travelled on a train since late March. It’s understandable that some folks might want to recreate lifestyles they lived before the lock down, but I wonder how realistic it is to aim to do so.

Keeping one’s mind in the present moment, there are things happening that one can be thankful for.

When people have to pause and reflect, they start remembering their fellow human beings who might have played vivid roles in their lives up to that point. The fact that many of us are grounded probably motivates us to reach out to others in far flung locations with the hope of engaging, one way or another.

It doesn’t matter where your loved ones might be. At present we’re all relying much more on instant messaging and video conferencing to stay in touch. Did any sci-fi writer come up with such a vision in the past?

Real life can be stranger than fiction.