Tribal dressing

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Social observers in the UK are possibly taken less seriously than they used to be in the past, when the tribal nature of youth culture was a distinguishing feature of everyday life. Back in the day, it was interesting to know about groups who affiliated with specific ways of dressing and listening to particular types of music. That era seems to have disappeared now. The last generation who took the idea to heart is currently dealing with more pressing issues, such as the successful delivery of Brexit.

One of the chroniclers of such social phenomena gave a name to such a social group, which he called the Babytimers. This was due to the dress sense of the people in question being somehow reminiscent of the way that small children used to be dressed, in romper suits, etc.

The folks who wore clothes of this sort could possibly have wanted to avoid drawing attention to their physiques, but at the same time they aimed to express their youthful natures.

It seems like this approach to dressing has been taken over by those who rely on track suits and similar sports gear. Nowadays, there is a crossover between those who spend a lot of time in gyms and the others who use the shapelessness of those clothes for other purposes.

In years to come it will interesting to see how these clothes appear to future generations. Will they be as awkward as bell bottoms and Oxford bags of the 1970s look to many of us now?