Trying to be normal

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Living from moment to moment, many of us are unaware of the influence of our actions, choices or decisions. Being true to ourselves sometimes means swimming against the current or flow of behaviour that is regarded as normal. In hindsight, we realise that others might have been watching and modelling our ways of doing things. How much responsibility should anyone have to take for this?

As a result of past events, there are notions that many of us carry in our minds about best practice in leadership. Some of us feel the need to prove to others that certain stereotypical ideas are fallacious. This is understandable when a person is looking for ways and means of making a living. In other situations, it isn’t always worth the effort.

Every person should have a right to choose the way he or she intends to interact with others. Traditions and heritages can provide guidelines, but they are not the same as laws. We can dip in and out of the cultural pool whenever we want or need to.

Narratives are useful for conveying details within complex situations, but they are usually subjective in their focus. Our personal feelings and thoughts have more to offer us on our life journeys.

Is there a healthy connection between eccentricity and making good choices?

Originally published on on November 28th 2019