Unfettered thought

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Inhibiting patterns of thought can take a long time to shake off. Knowing in one’s heart that exploration and curiosity are factors that need to be taken into account on a journey, a person can find himself worrying about other people’s concerns. It is reasonable to be responsible, within limits.

Stepping out into the darkness in an unregulated environment, it is possible to encounter feral beings and situations, but most of the time the moment passes without any major hitches.

Being too cautious on the other hand can block access to exciting discoveries. Even in a rehearsal room, it helps to be optimistic about finding inventive ways of dealing with apparent blocks or cul de sacs.

Conditioning makes so many folks falter when they face opportunities to make breakthroughs. How does one get to unlearn these restricting thought patterns? Gaining access to probing processes is probably a good place to begin, before one does the inner work that promises freedom