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“You have a lot to learn”. This was the essence of a message I once received from a medium. I have been exposed to a lot of information in the years after that encounter. Some folks have been conditioned into believing that such knowledge is only valid when it is absorbed through formal educational sources. Only last night, I had a flash of insight that proved otherwise.

Many years ago, I was mystified by some aspects of the popular culture around me. Even now, I cannot profess to be someone with a finger on the pulse. Why was it that particular combinations of sounds and looks hit the jackpot of public approval? I thought there was a formula at play that I needed to gain access to.

This led me on a journey of being an observer for many years. I acquired a vast vocabulary of symbols, through attending events. The practical side of my nature was also fully engaged in doing things, but I was still looking for magic from external sources.

Last night, out of curiosity, I started looking at a series of videos featuring people who had “hit the spot” in my opinion. After a while, I came to the conclusion that no one really had such a formula. The key players in most of the situations were simply following their noses and doing things that felt appropriate.

Anyone could have set me right about this point in the years gone by, but I needed to feel the realisation from a personal space deep within myself. Knowledge based on hearsay evidence is not the same as the knowledge that comes from intuition.

First published on on January 1st 2020