Voluntary work and public service

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Agencies and organisations that provide aid, or deal with issues relevant to social responsibility, are functioning in nations all over the world, rich or poor, “developed” or “developing”, so it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to accept support work from people who want to help in making the world a better place for all of us. Sometimes it seems however, that some ruling elite classes in the “developing” nations are happy to give up their responsibility to do the best they can for all the people they govern, because there are aid agencies that can take care of things for them.

The other side of the story is that some folks are attracted to work in these agencies for exploitative reasons, as was recently discovered in news stories about Haiti. Does this sector need to be monitored in a similar way to the education and health systems?

In an ideal world, such organisations probably wouldn’t need to exist. But since so many people are dependent on the services they provide, perhaps the ruling elites of nations across the world should be held to account for what they do put systems in place that will improve things for everyone.

Mysteriously, the USA electorate chose to elect a head honcho who has displayed no empathy for the plights of people with needs. Some voters were obviously taken in by the spiel of a huckster and now it is clear that there is a vast gap between the promises of a salesman and the delivery demands of a public servant.

Values and belief systems are in a bewildering state of flux at the moment. How can common sense be restored? And who will seize the initiative to make this happen?