Wake up call for Africans

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It could be a blessing in disguise that the current US President has been quoted to make disparaging remarks about African nations. Perhaps it will help young Africans to wake up and smell the coffee, regarding the estimation given to the USA and the American way of life by many of our people.

Obviously some nations are more prosperous than others. Those nations also have infrastructures and systems in place that guarantee protection of the rights of their individual citizens. African people will do well to invest energy and resources in making these things happen in their own countries. I have to say however, that I do not regard the USA as a great example of a nation that provides those benefits for its citizens, so if you will excuse my lapsing into colloquial lingo for a moment, “Kini big deal?”

In a recent article of mine, I mentioned a highly talented African author in the title. This writer wrote a fabulous novel about the edginess of growing up in Zimbabwe, notwithstanding the problems that nation had with its government. About two thirds of her way into the novel, her main character had moved to the USA and the rest of the story was less colourful, lacking in the warmth and humour of the chapters about life in Zim.

Coincidentally, I spent a considerable amount of time in both countries about five years ago, and if I had to choose a place to build a life in out of the two, I would definitely choose Zimbabwe over the USA.

This point of view is obviously personal and people have differing needs and wants in their lives. Anyone born into the American system will relate primarily to the group dynamics of that culture. As a visitor, who didn’t have any bias in one direction or the other, I found the Zimbabwean way of life much more to my taste.