Walking with memories

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So many paths, so many buildings that trigger memories of those we once laughed or drank with. Nowadays, I walk through neighbourhoods and I find myself reminiscing about times that were more innocent. How was I to know I would feel rueful in my reflections at a later stage, just from seeing them?

When an inner voice tells me to go somewhere, or call someone, I am more likely now to do my utmost to comply. Change is constant and can creep up on each of us, stealthily.

There is one apartment that I will always associate with my development as a performer though several decades. Last year, I felt the urge to celebrate my birthday there with a light lunch.  I didn’t realise it would probably be my last visit to that house.

Time doesn’t stand still and it probably isn’t healthy for people to get stuck in parts of their life’s journey. We can always create new moments of equal or even more significance than the ones we cherish. It’s only natural however, that sometimes one feels pangs of nostalgia for happy times spent with those we’ve loved, admired or fancied