We can be heroes

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On countless occasions, I have observed folks who are inspired by another person, taking baby steps towards acting out their fantasies of being like their heroes or heroines.

Obviously, it is only human to want to follow in the footsteps of someone who dared to be outspoken, outré or something similar.

It can be faintly embarrassing to realise how much time the imitator might have spent in front of a mirror, doing his or her utmost to take on the physicality of the inspirational figure.

Usually, there probably is a much more authentic way of achieving the goals that motivate such people.

In one or two cases however, this sort of hero worship can lead a person down a path of finding personal greatness. It has been said many times that Ray Charles might have started out in show business as a Nat King Cole imitator. Eventually, Mr Charles found his own voice and created a highly memorable body of work. Wouldn’t be great if he could have shared the process he went through?