Weather vanes and vanity

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Meteorologists have been predicting an exceedingly cold impending winter. So far, the autumn weather in London has been mild and kind to us. Temperatures have been easy to live with and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will remain this way as the year draws to a close.

On one occasion, a youngster I was working with in a group was sent to sit in a particular spot in the room. The sunshine was quite strong, and this was only about a week ago. He asked if he could bring down the blinds, to get the sun out of his eyes. I said he could, but he should also be mindful of the fact that we should enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts.

It can’t be that far away from the time when the clocks go backwards in the UK. I like autumnal weather – possibly because it’s the time of year that I was born. I’m not so sure about the impact of that sort of weather on my skin, however.

Those of us with lots of melanin in our complexions tend to thrive better when the sun shines brightly – I guess this thought is similar to regarding food as a form of medicine.

With all the speculation about global warming, it is still unlikely that we’ll ever get enough of the sun’s abundance in the Ol’ Blighty during the winter months.