What does composure feel like?

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There are few role models of composure in the public arena nowadays. In Hollywood’s Golden era, there were several stars that symbolised the sort of stoicism that I have in mind here. Perhaps we are all too busy, trying to cope with the oversaturation of information that mobile phones and social media have introduced into our lives.

In some quarters, it is regarded as a limitation for a performer to somehow typify a particular sort of energy. Many of us aim to prove that we have broad and deep expressive ranges.

Folks are not usually interested in seeing the inner workings of creative output. Depending on a person’s upbringing, this point can be tricky to truly understand. Some of us were brought to believe in the value of hard work and technical accomplishment. Later in life, we are puzzled when we see others with apparently limited ranges getting all the plaudits for what they do. Unlearning the inclination to display as much as possible consumes a lot of mental energy.

Meanwhile, there are people who struggle with regulating their insecurities, but they also have unlimited access to the information outlets. They just want to be seen or heard, whether they have anything beneficial to tell the world or not.

Is it possible to simply put on blinkers and wear ear plugs, in order to keep the energies of such folks at bay? Or should we all aim to personally control our ways and means of processing information?

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