What the mind wants

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Last week was supposed to be the emotional low point of the year for many of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere. Reflecting on the way it went, perhaps the unconscious mind carries a burden that eventually manifests itself in the need to slow down, to hibernate. The sun could be shining brightly outside, but if a person is dealing with darker issues internally, they cannot simply be ignored.

There are bound to be some folks who are celebrating successes at this point in time. Perhaps it would helpful to see and hear more examples of this. Anything that helps to lift everyone’s spirits ought to be shared as widely as possible.

Some of us rely on our belief systems to get us through the somber moments. Others need to find alternative means to tap into hopeful mindsets. Whatever floats a person’s boat should be fine (as long as it doesn’t entail exploiting our fellow humans in a parasitical way).

Time doesn’t stand still. Events come and go. People worry about things not turning out the way they would like them to. The moment passes and we forget the anxiety.

In the long run however, many of us have visions of peace and prosperity that we would like to see in real terms. We might disagree about paths and courses of action, but it’s likely that we want the same outcome.