When the spirits intervene

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In my heritage, the presence and support of ancestral spirits is constantly acknowledged. Annual masquerading festivals are moments that are set aside to pay homage to those who watch and guide us from the spirit plane. Whenever a bottle of schnapps is opened, a libation is poured on the ground for the unseen energies. Some folks are not sure where they stand regarding these beliefs nowadays, because Pentecostal Christianity has taken over many hearts and minds. The age old traditions are not going to evaporate, however. They are rooted securely in the psyches of our communities.

On a superficial level, one might think that our fellow humans who have been raised with other values might regard our beliefs as “mumbo jumbo”, but there again, one only has to venture onto  YouTube and other similar platforms to find people who describe themselves as “light workers”, who specialise in channelling spirits, angels and others from the spirit plane. How do we know that their beliefs and the messages they deliver are not also “mumbo jumbo”?

I have no doubt that there are times when paths are supposed to cross. One situation comes to mind when I met a young person in a country far away from home. I felt the urge to give him support and eventually I was invited to visit some of his family members.

He was living in a situation that seemed intolerable, but since one of his parents was deceased, there was little that could be done about it at the time. I felt like I was sent to give him a sense of the light at the end of the tunnel that he had to travel through.

Shortly after I met him, his circumstances seemed to change dramatically, for the better. It was as if the parent on the spirit plane had made a series of moves to save his son from bullying and domestic cruelty. Was this sequence of events a mere coincidence, or was there an intervention that led to my friend’s deliverance? Each of us can believe what we choose to believe.