Where do values come from?

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In the ongoing process of understanding what life is all about, something happens every now and again to serve as a lesson that many of the values that human beings like to regard as exemplary are basically concepts that we have envisioned for ourselves. These include fairness, justice, kindness, wisdom etc.

There are occasions when we observe other living creatures behaving in ways that seem to affirm our notions of best behaviour. They do this because they are generous spirits perhaps, but it is unlikely that there is a special place where a scoreboard is kept for evaluating what they do, or even what we do.

Bearing this in mind, it could seem as if civilised, urbane and refined ways of being are merely constructs that have been created in order to regulate human interactions. Many of those who behave antisocially are aware of those constructs. They simply cannot be bothered with adhering to them.

Anyone who becomes socially prominent can choose to be a role model for either the common good or the downgrading of human values. It goes without saying that there has been a lot of hypocritical posturing through the ages, since it isn’t likely that perfection truly exists in human behaviour.

Is it a blessing or a curse to have a pure heart?

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