Where is the magic?

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Who doesn’t want to believe in mystique and magic? Fairy tales, myths and legends feed children with terms of reference for making sense of the world. It must be tempting to go on adventures into mythical spaces.

Are there any stories in the canon that tell us the truth about being ourselves, regardless of the experience?

Folks in the business of keeping us entranced have invested vast resources in keeping the spell going. It’s bad for business when someone who gains access to those circles decides to turn away from it all, giving the impression that “it ain’t all that…”

I remember reading somewhere that a celebrated entertainer decided to sponsor a university research position, devoted to the study of Black American cuisine. The rationale behind his decision was the notion that Southern Cuisine is as refined and sophisticated as any other type of cooking.

Perhaps the times we are living in are offering us opportunities as individuals to reassess where we stand regarding aspirations and status. This can only be a good thing.