Where is the spark?

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When I make an effort to go out and see or hear work made by others, I am usually hoping to get a form of stimulation. The spark that tickles my fancy is usually something I wouldn’t have thought of, simply staying at home. Is this an expectation? Perhaps there isn’t any way of escaping from the fact that we all have needs, desires, wishes and other things that we would like to be acknowledged and somehow met.

There are many folks who have more straightforward expectations. They want their preconceived notions to be affirmed. “Giving the people what they want” is as noble an aim as any other. We can all think of creative practitioners who have been rewarded handsomely for doing this.

The fact that I want to gain new insights when I see creative work has some impact upon my own artistic practice. I want to feel like I can express things that wouldn’t be seen or heard anywhere else apart from within my radius of activity.

Part of the challenge one faces in creating work of the aforementioned sort is to make it crystal clear in the way it can be perceived by others. Being cryptic in communication is different from offering fresh ways of appreciating aspects of life.

Human beings have allocated time and spaces for the expression of our psyches, through the use of symbols. It is always useful to find moments to step outside of the general flow of the way we take things in, so we can reflect on why and how particular symbols matter in our lives.