Who do you trust?

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The psychology of attaching value to artistic endeavours works in mysterious ways. When trust is established, much can be taken as read in a given situation.

Each art form and genre has a canon, which somehow becomes accepted as the benchmark of the vocabulary being used. People learn about this canon and the terms of reference within it, through education systems and those who are identified as key players within that mode of expression can be described as having a “ticket to ride”.

A lot of the perceptions used to arrive at such a point originate from indefinable energy sources. The fact that a piece of work is being presented in a specific place, with particular names attached to it, can make all the difference.

Occasionally one comes across a presentation that clearly hasn’t been developed with a great deal of care, but it attracts captains of industry and their hostess wives because of the labelling.

It seems like a cynical game to play, but the artist who aims to build credibility, through the strengthening of brand visibility and awareness is often trusted more than others.