Who is afraid of history?

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What does history have to teach us all about how to co-exist with each other? Power brokers in many nations seem to be wary about allowing citizens to be aware of what happened in specific periods of the past.

Objectivity is probably impossible to achieve when people tell stories of remembrance. Points of view and attitudes are bound to have some influence on the way that tales are told to impressionable minds.

If this is the case, then surely there should be opportunities for learners to gain access to several versions of the way that things happened. Sweeping experiences of communities and individuals under the carpet is not beneficial in the long run.

The past does not define any of us. We can all move on and do things differently whenever we want to, but this does not change the fact that history carries energy that cannot be suppressed or ignored.

Is it fair to suggest that everyone should have the right to be consciously aware of the currents that have taken us into the present moment?