Who is she?

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I remember thinking of her mindset as quaint. She probably felt the same thing about mine. On a surface level, it probably seemed to observers as if we were living according to similar values, but we were worlds apart in our minds.

Did we have things to learn from each other? From an objective standpoint we did, but the culture we lived in when our paths crossed would have regarded such a notion as outlandish.

She exerted her influence in a psychological way. It never occurred to me to imagine what she was like as a young woman. I only ever saw the matriarchal figure, quietly pulling strings.

She has sent messages through mediums. What she wants is achievable, but with different methods to those she is likely to propose.

Our main area of disagreement is to do with boundaries and personal space. Nobody is perfect and no one has a perfect objective overview on group dynamics. It would be interesting to find out her point of view about such matters.