Who knows your truth?

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When a person speaks his or her truth, it should be uncompromised. If the person has been encouraged to second guess the tastes of others, this task becomes more complicated than it might appear on the surface.

Opportunities present themselves for all of us to stay in our own lanes nowadays. Some folks are lucky enough to be born in a time and place that enables them to do this with less effort than others.

In other cases, there is a vast process of unlearning and stripping away of habits that needs to be dealt with. Is it possible that inner voices and intuition tell some of us when to hold our peace and when to surge forward?

One of the main issues to consider is the purpose of communicating in the first place. Again, this might seem easy, but the answers we hear to questions asked when we are honest with ourselves are often difficult to accept.

Anyone travelling on the right path will eventually understand why the time needs to be taken to delve within.