Who wants to lead?

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Through the years, I have closely observed people who want to lead others. I find it interesting to work out what motivates them to do so.

In some cases, people are driven by an urge to see group dynamics working in specific ways. The thinking behind their actions is high minded and fuelled by ideals. Others are more interested in feeling the energy of having influence over their fellow humans.

The truth of the matter is that everyone hopefully learns eventually that they can lead best by working on themselves as individuals. Leading by example is as easy or challenging as any other way of acting on the impulse.

Leadership models from the past are still very much part our lives today. Institutions are changing slower than the consciousness in many minds that it is time for fundamental change in many walks of life.

We can either go with the flow, accepting the changes as we encounter them, or we can struggle to hold on to notions that we have been conditioned into seeing as the only way to function. It is up to each of us to decide how to most effectively use what we have.