With a little help from my friends

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On a surface level, it might be good for a person’s self esteem to be regarded as reliable. There are many myths, legends and other narratives that give the impression that dependability is a worthy character trait. In reality, there are moments when each of us needs help from someone else, but it is always useful to have a wide enough range of social skills to make one’s self unlikely to encroach on anyone else’s boundaries, regarding what is feasible regarding the giving of support.

Today, I shall be performing at an event that celebrates the bravery and generosity of people who are willing to donate vital organs to save the lives of others. Life has ways of teaching lessons, albeit on a relatively minor scale about what this might entail.

It is noble to be willing to make personal sacrifices for others, but we must always be sure in our hearts and minds that we have the wherewithal to be in the position to give.

The recipients of gifts that require such exacting levels of commitment also have some responsibilities. Is it enough to simply be grateful when one person makes a major effort for someone else?

One never knows what lurks around the corner, which is why it makes sense to be conscious of reciprocity in social connections.